From The Principals Desk

“Education is not only learning facts, but the training of the mind to think”,  

“We believe that “Dreams are not what we see in sleep, but the dream is the thing which doesn’t let us sleep”.

We believe that the children follow the actions of their elders and not only the words and suggestions.

We think that every child is the superb-power in this world, but it should be understood and cultivated very softly and skillfully by the school and parents. We work with passion to cultivate the hidden power of children which may be change the world and universe.

We think that we should teach children to listen to their heart and their inner voice, it may be useful & helpful to create the interest in their study and work. We believe that the work done with heart is always the best creation for us and for the world. We always try to develop the qualities like open mindedness, creative thinking, passion for work, global outlook, curiosity,multi cultural orientation, respect for time, abilities in students .

We believe in practical and joyful education system, where each child is understood and encouraged to take part in every activity arranged by school. So that children can get motivation for great work. We always try to give focus on holistic growth, and strength, the belief in team work ,which is very important in this fast competitive world.

We always try to focus to build full confidence in students and teachers while academic and co-curricular activities.

We strive to provide exciting and disciplinary environment, for making school, study and education more interesting to all students and teachers. Fear about school and study is not found in our school campus.

We believe education is not just acquiring Knowledge and degree with best marks, for getting the job, but it is the process to understand the world, the skill, talent, abilities and the creativity in each child and student. Lastly we hope, all parents of children and students would have understood our vision and dream. Expected good wishes and support from all dear parents and friends. Thank you.

Prof.Bharati  Balasaheb Pralhadrao


Kalpana Chawla C.B,S.E.English Medium School ( Primary )


Dwarkadhish English medium school Latur ( Pre .primary. )